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Símabær was established in 1997 as a service store for landline phones. We developed it with the ever growing mobile market into the currant concept: “we got it all store” for smartphone, tablet and notebook owners.

Símabær ehf is a leading importer of smartphone and tablet accessories and we offer iceland’s best selection of rechargeable batteries, mobile phone cases, chargers and other accessories. We have online wholesale distributing network for the Icelandic market in addition to our retail store in Kópavogur, the new central spot for shopping in the capital area. All brands we offer are from our own import

Since 2014 we have designed and manufactured our own line of smartphone cases but it’s a project based on wide knowledge of end user’s need in this rapid market. We know our customers. Our own product line is designed manufactured with our partners in Poland.

Range of Products

Mobile phones, Tablets, Retro Electronics, Bluetooth solutions, rechargeable Li-on batteries, Consumer batteries, Chargers, Memory cards, USB memory, Speakers and RC toys.

General information for

Icelandic name: Símabær ehf
Owner and managing director: Mr. Gylfi Gylfason
Registration number: 420708-0680
Vat number: 98482
Address: Bæjarlind 1-3 - IS200 Kópavogur, Iceland
Tel: 354 587 4200

Contact email for foreign suppliers to Mr. Gylfason